How to contribute

Thank you for considering contributing to Structurepedia!

You can contribute to Structurepedia by building new diagrams or editing existing ones.


With AI: Just let StructureBot create the tree for you on the create page.
With manual labour: You can create a new tree from scratch starting here. This will lead you to the Editor where you can manually edit trees.

More about manual contributions

First of all you need to be logged in to use the Editor.
Once you are logged in there are two scenarios.
You have worked in the Editor in the past and want to continue working on your draft:
  • - on the top right of the screen hover over the round menu button (the one with your initial) and select Editor
You want to start working on something new:
  • - click on the 'Edit' button you can find below the Tree diagrams to modify the diagram.
  • - click here and start a new tree.


Once you have reached the editor you should see something similar to this.
You can edit the tree by editing the JSON file on the right.
header pic


The content you contribute on Structurepedia will be accessible for free and can be used under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License  (same as Wikipedia). In general users cannot request deletion of their contributions record. Even if you delete your account your contributions will continue being available. Read our terms and conditions before logging in.

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